2.25% 24 MONTH BUMP CERTIFICATEolder couple enjoying life

Take advantage of one of our best new certificate offers. With our new
24-Month Bump Certificate you receive an APY of 2.25%.
And a one-time bump!

This is a limited time offer, so don’t wait to get started if you’re looking for the
best new certificate around.

Not only does this certificate give you a fantastic return on your investment, but you have the choice to use a one-time bump** for any possible rate increases. So you can feel comfortable knowing that you won’t miss out on higher rate changes while locking in a great APY.

With the 24-month one-time bump certificate* you can:

  • Open with as little as $500
  • Competitive fixed dividend rate
  • Peace of mind in knowing you can do a one-time bump**


* The One-time Bump Share Certificate is not automatically renewable.  At maturity, the One-time Bump Certificate Account will renew to a Regular Certificate Account with the same term as the original, without a one-time bump option, unless it is withdrawn within the 7-day grace period after maturity.  You may incur a penalty on dividends should you choose to withdraw your money before the completion of the term.

** This Certificate is allowed a one-time dividend rate increase (bump) which must be initiated by an account owner.  When the one time bump option is exercised by the account owner, the rate will change to the current rate of the Regular Certificate of the same term length. 

Limited time offer. Rates may change at anytime. New money only.